Lagoon Beach

The beautiful Milnerton Lagoon flows between the Milnerton Mainland and Woodbridge Island and onwards. This lovely setting features palm trees along its banks. The lagoon is a popular location for canoeing and bird watching. Milnerton’s Beach is an iconic setting, with its clean white sands and the Milnerton Lighthouse, which sits on the beach, and the views it offers you of the magnificent Table Mountain and Cape Town across the Atlantic Ocean. The waters here are typically icy and ideal for the hot summer months. You can enjoy safe swimming, with lifeguards monitoring all the activity. A variety of beach cafés and restaurants are available nearby, providing you with ideal places to visit when you are feeling hungry. The cleanliness of the beach is guaranteed with council staff patrolling the beach on a daily basis.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is immediately to the north of the city of Cape Town and the long, sandy, white beach is a favourite for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Besides its magnificent view, Sunset Beach is also well known for exciting activities, immaculate beaches as well as awesome waves.  There are a wide variety of restaurants and pubs as well. A first-rate hospital only a few minutes away, and top rate government and private schools, further adds to the exceptional infrastructure of the area.

Dolphin Beach

Located just 20 minutes from the city centre and en route to the Cape West Coast you will find this beach easily. Dolphin beach is a hive of activity as it has perfect conditions for wind and kite surfing, but if you’re planning on getting into the water please note that there are no life guards on duty.Take some time out of the sun and head to one of the many restaurants and eateries within walking distance and enjoy and ice cream cone or cocktail. The location offers a magnificent view of the iconic Table Mountain so snap a few photographs to remind you of the day out.

Blouberg Beach

Exfoliate your feet as you dig your toes into the white washed sand of Bloubergstrand (Blue Mountain Beach). Look out across the sweeping blue Atlantic Ocean as cobalt currents carry your gaze toward Robben Island. Cast your line of sight across Table Bay to Table Mountain raising your hand to trace the iconic shape that symbolises all that is Cape Town. This linear beach stretch has monumental views of the Mother City’s rock face and as a result is not shielded by this mountain range from the wind which blows in kite-surfers and wind-surfers with gusts. Kids delight as their coloured kite sails take to flight on the end of strings.

Rock pools filled with ocean rock creature’s surface from frosty waves at the corners of the beach. For the less adventurous walk hand in hand with the horizon silhouetted by acrobatic displays of adrenalin surfers. Wind-free days may disappoint water sport enthusiasts but they create golden rows of tanners and a soft sandy arena for beach-bats and ballgames. Bring all your refreshments and beach accessories to make play while the sun shines.

Small Bay (Kleinbaai)

Small Bay Beach is the little sister to the next door Big Bay beach which is popular with both locals and tourists. Small Bay beach offers stunning panoramic views of both Robben Island and Table Mountain. This is a smaller beach so it is much quieter than its big brother, however, it is a great family option especially if you want to keep an eye on your little ones. Wind surfers and surfing is a common activity in the water and you can spend some time watching the antics in the waves. Bring along your picnic lunch or stop off at one of the nearby cafes for some supplies before heading down to the waters edge.

Big Bay Beach

Big Bay Beach and its contemporary, Small Bay are divided by a rocky point. This area is famous for its awesome surfing, kite-surfing and wind-surfing, attracting sportsmen and – women from all over the world to participate or be enthusiastic spectators. There are annual competitions held here for these very reasons. Big Bay is the perfect family beach as it boasts long sandy stretches and uninterrupted views of the ocean and Table Mountain in the distance. Swimming (in very chilly water), sun-tanning and simply enjoying the day with friends and family make this the hotspot of memories. This beachfront is equipped with dining options and shops and is known for its spectacular sunset displays.


Melkbos Beach

Just past the suburbs of Table View and West Beach, you will find Melkbos Beach. Because of its close proximity to Cape Town you still have magnificent views of both Table Mountain and the historical Robben Island. Melkbos is another popular water sports beach with great conditions for wind and kite surfing as well as being the home to the NSRI’s Station 18. If you’re a boating enthusiast you’ll be glad to know there is a safe slipway to make use of. Take a long leisurely stroll along the stretch of beach and if you’re feeling full of bravado you can dash into the icy cold water, but this is not recommended without a wetsuit.


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